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<a> . . . </a>
Defines an anchor that can be used as a hypertext link or a named fragment within the doc-
ument. When the href attribute is set to a valid URI, the anchor is a hypertext link to a web
page, page fragment, or another resource. The id attribute labels an anchor and allows it to
serve as the destination point of a link. An a element may have both href and id attributes.
The href attribute may be omitted to use an a element as a “placeholder link.”
HTML5 permits flow content (block elements) within a elements. There must be no inter-
active content ( a , audio with controls, button , details , embed , iframe , img with usemap ,
input , keygen , label , object with usemap , select , textarea , and video with controls)
contained in an a element.
Flow content, phrasing content, interactive content, palpable content
Permitted contexts:
Where phrasing content is expected
Permitted content:
Transparent, but may not contain other interactive elements
Start/end tags:
HTML5 Global Attributes
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