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command=" id of the master command
id of the master command "
References a menuitem command that was defined and set elsewhere in the document or
default ( default="default" in XHTML)
Indicates the command is the default function for the menu.
disabled ( disabled="disabled" in XHTML)
Specifies the command is not available.
icon=" URL
Specifies the location of an image that represents the command.
label=" text string
text string "
Provides the name for the command as shown in the menu.
radiogroup=" text string
text string "
Provides a name for a group of commands with their type set to radio . It may not be used
with other menuitem types.
Indicates the type of command, either a normal command with an associated action ( com-
mand ) or an option that can be toggled ( checkbox ), or a selection of one item from a list
of items ( radio ).
< menuitem onclick="cut()" label="Cut">
< menuitem onclick="copy()" label="Copy">
< menuitem onclick="paste()" label="Paste">
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