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<menu> . . . </menu>
Represents a list of interactive options or commands such as a menu of options in a web ap-
plication. When the menu is a pop-up menu, its contents are one or more menuitem elements.
In the HTML5 Candidate Recommendation, an option in a menu is provided by the command
element, but the more forward looking HTML5.1 draft and the living WHATWG specifica-
tion have replaced command with menuitem .
In HTML 4.01, the deprecated menu element indicates a menu list, which consists of one or
more list items ( li ). Menus were intended for a list of short choices, such as a menu of links
to other documents.
Flow content; if the type element is in the toolbar state, then palpable content.
Permitted contexts:
Where flow content is expected. If the type=popup , then as the child of a menu element
that is in the pop-up state.
Permitted content:
If type=toolbar , flow content or zero or more li elements. If type=popup , zero or more
menuitem elements, zero or more hr elements, and zero or more menu elements with
type=popup .
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