HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
href=" URL
Identifies the linked document.
hreflang=" language code
language code "
Specifies the base language of the linked document.
Identifies the media to which the linked resource applies. Most often, it is used to assign
stylesheets to their appropriate media.
rel=" link type keyword
link type keyword "
Describes one or more relationships from the current source document to the linked docu-
ment. The link relationship types specified for link are alternate , author , help , icon ,
license , next , prefetch , prev , search , stylesheet , and tag .
sizes="any | two pixel measurements
two pixel measurements "
HTML5 only . Specifies dimensions for icons when the rel of the link is set to icon .
type=" resource
resource "
Shows the media or content type of a linked resource. The value text/css indicates that
the linked document is an external Cascading Style Sheet.
<link rel= " stylesheet " href= " /pathname/stylesheet.css " >
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