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file type "
Not in HTML 4.01 . Indicates what happens when a data is dragged onto the element
and what kind of data to accept. copy results in a copy of the dragged data; move moves
the data to a new location; and link results in a link to the original data. Including
string:text/plain allowsittoacceptanytextstring.The file: attributeindicateswhat
type of file is accepted (e.g., file:image/png ). Both the action and accepted data may be
provided, for example, dropzone="copy string:text/plain" .
dropzone="copy|move|link|string: text string type
text string type |file: file type
hidden ( hidden="hidden" in XHTML)
Not in HTML 4.01 . Prevents the element and its descendants from being rendered in the
user agent (browser). Any scripts or form controls in hidden sections will still execute, but
they will not be presented to the user.
id=" text string
text string "
Assigns a unique identifying name to the element.
inert ( inert="inert" in XHTML)
WHATWG & HTML5.1 only . Indicates that the element should be made inert, which
means it cannot be selected, searched, or targeted by user interactions.
itemid=" text
text "
WHATWG & HTML5.1 only . Part of the microdata system for embedding machine-
readable data, the itemid attribute indicates a globally recognized identifier (such as an
ISBN for a topic). It is used in conjunction with itemtype in the same element containing
itemscope .
itemprop=" text
text "
WHATWG & HTML5.1 only . Part of the microdata system for embedding machine-
readabledata,the itemprop attribute providesthenameoftheproperty.Thecontentofthe
element provides its value. The value may also be a URL provided by the href attribute
in a elements or the src attribute in img .
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