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size=" number "
value=" text "
input type= " radio "
Creates a radio button that can be turned on and off. When a number of radio buttons share
the same control name, only one button within the group can be “on” at one time, and all the
others are “off.” This makes them different from checkboxes, which allow multiple choices
to be selected within a group. Only data from the “on” radio button is sent when the form is
<p>Which of the following operating systems do you like
<li> <input type="radio" name="os" value="Win" > Windows</li>
<li> <input type="radio" name="os" value="Linux" > Linux</li>
<li> <input type="radio" name="os" value="OSX" checked>
Macintosh OSX</li>
<li> <input type="radio" name="os" value="DOS" > DOS</li>
HTML5 Global Attributes
checked ( checked="checked" in XHTML)
autofocus ( autofocus="autofocus" in XHTML) ( Not in HTML 4.01 )
disabled ( disabled="disabled" in XHTML)
form=" id of form owner " ( Not in HTML 4.01 )
name=" text " ( Required )
required ( required="required" in XHTML) ( Not in HTML 4.01 )
value=" text " ( Required )
input type= " range "
This input type is not valid in HTML 4.01 .
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