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Creates a date input control, such as a pop-up calendar, for specifying a date (year, month,
day) with no time zone. The initial value must be provided in ISO date format:
< input type="date" name="birthday" value="2004-01-14" >
HTML5 Global Attributes
autofocus ( autofocus="autofocus" in XHTML)
disabled ( disabled="disabled" in XHTML)
form=" id of form owner "
list=" id of datalist "
max=" number or string "
min=" number or string "
name=" name "
readonly ( readonly="readonly" in XHTML)
required ( required="required" in XHTML)
step="any |number "
value=" YYYY-MM-DD "
input type= " datetime "
This input type is not valid in HTML 4.01 .
Creates a combined date/time input control. The value is an ISO formatted date and time that
is defined and submitted as UTC time (equivalent to GMT):
<input type="datetime" name="post" value=
"2004-01-14T03:13:00-5:00" >
HTML5 Global Attributes
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