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Mega Machines
Scientists studying fusion have to deal with superhot hydrogen
plasma. They use huge machines for this. One method tries to
contain the plasma with magnetic fi elds. The biggest machine
for doing this is being built in Cadarache, France. It is called the
International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, or ITER. Work
on the site began in 2007. If all goes as planned, experiments will
begin by 2018. ITER will use a structure called a tokamak for the
magnetic fi eld. The building containing the tokamak will be 187 feet
(57 meters) high and go 56 feet (17 meters) under the ground.
The other main fusion method shoots powerful laser beams at a
tiny pellet of hydrogen fuel. The world's largest and highest-energy
laser system will be used for this. It can shoot 192 laser beams at
a target. The system
is housed in a huge
building, called the
National Ignition
Facility. The building
is located at the
Lawrence Livermore
National Laboratory
in California.
The National Ignition Facility
was dedicated in May 2009.
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