Environmental Engineering Reference
In-Depth Information
Radioactive material is dangerous and must
be clearly labeled.
To protect people who work
in nuclear plants, special devices
monitor (keep track of) radiation
levels in the plant. Workers also
may wear protective clothing.
In addition, to protect the public
and the environment, the radiation levels of water or other
substances released from the plant are monitored. Action can be
taken if the levels get too high.
Plans to build a new power reactor in the United States must
be approved by a U.S. government agency called the Nuclear
Regulatory Commission (NRC). Before approving a new plant,
the NRC takes into account comments it receives from the
public. In addition, the NRC will not let a nuclear power plant
start up until it is satisied
that the plant is prepared
to deal with an accident.
To help protect against
intruders who might want
to harm reactors, plants
A workers uses special monitors to
watch over the operation of a
nuclear power plant.
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