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and more eficient. So
would systems that store
energy for use when there
is no sunshine or wind. The
International Energy Agency
predicts that renewable
sources such as solar, wind,
and geothermal will provide
only about 6 percent of the
world's electricity by the
year 2030. On the other
hand, supporters say that
nuclear power provides
the best chance to meet
the growing demand for
electricity and cut back the
use of fossil fuels.
Not Just
Electric Power
Nuclear reactors do more
than produce electric power
and nuclear fuel. Scientists
use them for research. They make radioisotopes for medicine
and industry in reactors. Reactors also enable submarines to
go at high speeds and stay underwater for weeks at a time. The
heat from the reactors produces steam, which drives turbines
that power the submarines. In addition, reactors make possible
huge aircraft carriers, since reactors can provide a great deal of
energy for long periods without refueling.
Nuclear reactors provide the energy for huge
aircraft carriers.
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