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Open-pit uranium mines are safer for workers than underground mines.
closed-in space of an underground mine, however, radon may
accumulate to a dangerous level. A good ventilation system is
needed. Today, uranium mining is often done in a different way
that helps avoid the danger of radon. Uranium is taken from an
open pit at the surface of the ground. This allows the radon to
disperse in the air.
People concerned about the safety of nuclear plants
often point to the dangerous radioactivity contained in the
plants. Modern plants are specially designed to prevent the
radioactivity from leaking out. In addition, plant workers
follow strict safety rules. Thus, while the plants do produce
radioactive waste , much is done to keep the radioactivity
away from the general environment. In addition, in many ways,
the nuclear power industry has been safer and cleaner than the
industries associated with other power sources, such as coal.
Power Galore
The number of people in the world keeps growing. So does the
demand for electricity. The world has to ind ways to supply
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