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Fission takes place inside nuclear reactors. The heat given off turns water into steam,
which turns the blades of a turbine, driving a generator that makes electricity.
Deuterium Uranium.) This type of reactor is now used in
Canada as well as some other countries. It is a special kind of
pressurized water reactor that uses so-called heavy water as
a moderator and coolant. All water is made of hydrogen and
oxygen. Ordinary water, or “light” water, uses mainly the most
common hydrogen isotope. Heavy water, however, has a high
percentage of a heavier hydrogen isotope called deuterium.
As a result, heavy water is about 10 percent heavier than light
water. Also, heavy water is a ine moderator because it is very
good at slowing neutrons down for use in ission. It is so good
that the CANDU reactor can use natural, unenriched uranium
as fuel.
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