Environmental Engineering Reference
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Some of the emissions from fossil fuels, such as the gas
carbon dioxide , help make the atmosphere (the air above
Earth's surface) act somewhat like a greenhouse. It is warm
inside a greenhouse because the glass roof and walls let light in
and out, but tend to keep heat in. Scientists say that a similar
thing happens when so-called greenhouse gases such as
carbon dioxide collect in the atmosphere. These gases make
Earth's surface get warmer. The whole planet could be affected.
Ice near the North and South Poles, for example, is beginning to
Nuclear Medicine
Electricity and bombs are
not the only important uses
of radioactive substances.
Radioisotopes are valuable
tools in medicine. Their
radiation can be used to form
a picture of the inner parts
of a person's body, to help
diagnose diseases or fi nd
problems. Radioisotopes also
help in treating diseases. For
instance, they can be used in
various ways to fi ght cancer.
Radioisotopes help doctors get a look at
internal organs so they can diagnose diseases.
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