HTML and CSS Reference
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The previous screenshot shows our page rendering on a browser without support for
HTML5 audio (falling back to Flash with mediaelement.js ) and in a browser with
support for HTML5 audio (using native controls provided by the browser).
When to use Modernizr.load?
Modernizr.load is a great utility when you have multiple files you want to load
conditionally like in our audio player.
Sometimes, you want something to happen only when the user clicks on a link or
an element. Instead of loading all the required assets beforehand and making the
browser render the page slowly, you can load these assets just in time after the user
has clicked on the element.
Using Modernizr to load CSS features
Modernizr also outputs the results of its tests for various HTML5/CSS3 features on
the html tag of your page, as shown in the following screenshot:
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