HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
files. This might make it difficult to find out where in your original files the
particular rule would be found.
Where to learn?
If you are interested in learning more about these languages, read on for some good
places to get started.
The official website is . Chris Coyier has a good introduction video
on Sass at
sass/ .
The official website is . A video overview of Less is available at
need-to-check-out-less-js/ .
The official official website is at . A video over-
view of Stylus is available at
expressive-robust-feature-rich-css-language .
Using HTML5 Boilerplate with style languages
If you are fairly confident in navigating your way with any of these languages, then
you could use any of the available ports that we will look at next, to start your pro-
There is a fairly up-to-date port of HTML5 Boilerplate to Sass requiring Compass
, which is a framework on top of Sass at
l5-boilerplate .
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