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Why not reset.css?
For a very long time, the recommendation was to use reset.css , which is avail-
able at and resets the margin
and padding of every available element to 0 , in addition to making the font size of all
headings the same as the body text and without a higher font weight.
HTML5 Boilerplate recommends against this policy. Browsers provide useful browser
defaults, which would make your stylesheets smaller as you don't have to redeclare
those styles again.
With normalize.css , you wouldn't be seeing the following kind of clutter in your
debugging tools:
Nicolas Gallagher, one of the co-creators of normalize.css , has written in great
detail about why it is better than reset.css at
normalize-css/ , which is a good read for those still unconvinced about the merits
of normalizing CSS.
Helpful style classes we can use
In Chapter 1 , Before We Begin , we briefly saw that HTML5 Boilerplate comes with
a bunch of default classes that are useful to work with. You would have noticed that
we are using some of these classes in our style rules.
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