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apple-touch-icons-114x114-precomposed.png : This will be used by
high-resolution iPhone Retina displays.
apple-touch-icons-144x144-precomposed.png : This will be used by
high-resolution iPad Retina displays.
The rationale for why we have so many icons has been documented by Mathias
Bynens at .
Hans Christian Reinl hosts a PSD template of all the icons at
blog/html5-boilerplate-favicons-psd-template/ , you can use to
get started with creating icons for your project. If you need direction on how
to create these icons, Jon Hicks writes about how to do so at .
If you have the graphic elements necessary for creating icons, you can get started
with adding these icons to the root folder of the project. It is likely that you would for-
get to do it later when deadlines loom.
For our sun and sand festival example, we already have critical graphic elements
assembled, the following screenshot shows the icons generated from the PSD tem-
Adding third-party libraries
If you already have a list of libraries that you will be using, you can start adding them
into the folder.
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