HTML and CSS Reference
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Creating our project
Throughout this topic, we will be working on an example project to understand how to
use HTML5 Boilerplate. All our project source files are available at
book/sun-shine-festival-2012/ .
Let us pretend that we need to create a website for a hypothetical sun and sand fest-
ival in Ngor and Terou Bi, Dakar, Senegal, November 12, 2012 to November 16, 2012.
I would like to label this project as sun-sand-festival-2012 .
I store all my projects in a projects folder, and all my frameworks and starter kits in
a source folder.
In my source folder, I have the html5-boilerplate folder that I initially created with
the following script:
git clone git://
I keep it up-to-date regularly by pulling the latest changes in the master repository
hosted on Github, using the following script:
git pull origin master
I also have the shell script in the same folder, which we
will use to create our new project. In the shell interface, I navigate to the htm-
l5-boilerplate folder and enter the following script:
./ ../projects/
This creates the project folder with all the required files to get started. The files that
are created are shown in the following screenshot:
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