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If you are unfamiliar with the command-line interface, you can download the latest
files as a ZIP file and unzip it into a folder that you can rename to the project you
want to work with.
If you find these options tedious, I recommend you go with the shell script. However,
it requires you to have Git set up and be familiar with the command-line interface.
If you are on Windows, be sure to download Cygwin at
and use it for typing all the command lines that I mention.
There is also an illustrated guide to setting up and using Git on Windows at .
Using the shell script
Using this script, we will set up a local repository for HTML5 Boilerplate that can be
kept up-to-date with the changes that are made in the project.
Go to a folder where you want to keep your copy of the latest HTML5 Boilerplate files
that you would like to use as a reference for all your projects. In my case, I would like
to keep it in a folder called source .
Then, use the same command-line script as mentioned in the previous section to
download the latest copy of the files. The script is as follows:
git clone git://
Instead of renaming the folder, we will let this folder be as it is. Next, we shall copy
the shell script to this folder.
In your shell, navigate to the html5 Boilerplate folder, and download the cre- file as shown in the following command-line script:
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