HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
404.html : If you have a page that is not found, then this page can be
served. Make sure it has all the information available and uses the same
look and feel as other pages in your website.
humans.txt : This is a wonderful initiative that allows you to denote who
worked on a website (read more about this initiative at
We highly recommend you use this to indicate your work, and to inform
anyone who is curious, whose work it was.
crossdomain.xml : This is useful if you would like to have flash files
hosted elsewhere to access assets located on the domain where your
website will be hosted. You could have a flash audio player from another
domain using the files hosted on your website. In this case, you need to
carefully choose your cross-domain policy (we will cover this file in detail
in Chapter 5 , Customizing the server ).
robots.txt : Search engines use this file to understand which files to
index and which not to index.
.htaccess : This is an Apache server configuration file specific to your
website. Loads of best practices are included by default.
favicion.ico : Most browsers use the favicon when you bookmark a
page on a website or next to the title of the page on a tab. By using a dis-
tinctive identifiable icon, you will be able to make your website stand out
and be easy to navigate to.
apple-touch-icon-*.png : iOS and Android devices allow websites
to be bookmarked to the homescreen of your phone. Both of them use
these touch icons to represent your site when it is added to your home
screen. Boilerplate comes with a set of icons to identify all the sizes and
formats you need to create your icons in. : The readme has all the license information and a list of fea-
tures and where to get more information from, on using these files.
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