HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
An overview of H5BP files
The different files and folders that are a part of HTML5 Boilerplate are explained as
index.html : This is the markup that we recommend you start all your
HTML pages with.
main.css : The styles are located in a single stylesheet known as
main.css , found within the css folder.
normalize.css : This file is located separately, so that you can use the
latest updated version of normalize.css immediately. In production,
ideally you should combine both main.css and normalize.css into a
single file to ensure minimum number of network requests, so your pages
load quicker.
doc : This folder contains all the documentation necessary to understand
the HTML5 Boilerplate files.
img : This folder should contain all the images you will be using to create
your website. This is empty to begin with, but you should include all the
images you work with here.
js : This is the parent folder for all your scripts. HTML5 Boilerplate comes
with a set of scripts that make it easier for you to get started. This folder
contains the following files and folders:
vendor : This folder contains all the script libraries. You get the
latest minified and unminified versions of jQuery and a custom
build of modernizr. Any other libraries you will be using should
ideally go within this folder.
plugins.js : All the jQuery plugins that you would be using
should be inlined in this file. If you are using a jQuery carousel
plugin, you would copy the code to plugins.js .
main.js : This will be the file from where you would invoke
scripts that run on your page. Taking the example of the jQuery
carousel plugin, we will invoke the plugin to run on our pages
from this file.
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