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There are three ways to get HTML5 Boilerplate, which are as follows:
• From the website: The latest stable version of the project is available at .
• From Initializr: Jonathan Verecchia hosts a more expansive set of modules
to choose from at . All the modules here are from the
stable version that is available on the website.
• From the Github home page: HTML5 Boilerplate is hosted on Github. The
latest files are available from the project's github page at
h5bp/html5-boilerplate . You are safe to use these files when start-
ing your new project and you are guaranteed to get the latest version of
these files when you download from Github.
As you are just getting started with HTML5 Boilerplate, I strongly recommend you to
download the files from Github, and even better to do so via Git, so you can easily
update them when the master files on Github get updated.
If you are unfamiliar with Git, Roger Dudler maintains a great introduction to get
you started at; if you are new to the concept of
version control, there is a good explanation of what it is and why it is useful at .
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