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Tools to start with
You can start using Boilerplate with your favorite editor. If you use Git as your version
control system, we also include a .gitignore file that would automatically ignore
files such as .DS_STORE or other unnecessary files from being marked for version-
ing. Some editors that can be used to work with HTML5 Boilerplate are as follows:
• Aptana Studio: HTML5 Boilerplate comes out of the box with Aptana Stu-
dio. Choose a Web Project and then select Boilerplate to start with. Robert
Gravelle has a write-up explaining how to use HTML5 Boilerplate in your
Aptana Studio projects, which can be found at
using-the-html-5-boilerplate-framework.html .
• Visual Studio: There are two templates available for use in Visual Studio
2010. One for Web forms, which is downloadable from h5bpwebapptem- and the other is downloadable from
Studio-2010-Template.aspx .
• TextMate: A year-old project, this URL hosts TextMate bundles of HTML5
Boilerplate's markup and styles at
html5-boilerplate-textmate-template-bundles .
These tools are not officially maintained by the HTML5 Boilerplate project and hence
are likely to be out of date. You are best off using the process outlined in the following
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