HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Helper classes
Ever had to hide text to show images? How about making extra text available
for those who use screen readers or hide from all browsers? HTML5 Boilerplate
provides classes for both and more, which have been field-tested to work across
edge cases and across all browsers.
Performance optimizations
The .htaccess file includes the best out-of-the-box defaults for caching, which
makes your pages load significantly faster when they are served by the Apache Web
Server. There are also configuration files for other web servers available to provide
similar functionality.
Progressive enhancement
The HTML element has a no-js class that can be used to provide alternative styles
for browsers that do not support JavaScript. With Modernizr, this class name is re-
placed when used in a browser that does support JavaScript to js .
Accessible focus styles
All browsers provide a default focus style for links when clicked. HTML5 Boilerplate
ensures that these styles are only applied when the elements are in focus while us-
ing keyboard navigation.
Print styles
A good default print stylesheet is something most of us fail to think of when we create
web pages. However, HTML5 Boilerplate already does this for you by providing best-
performing defaults for print styles.
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