HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
If you are interested in learning more about doctypes, I wrote about it in detail at .
Browsers apply their default styles on elements whose properties you do not specify.
The trouble is, the kind of styles that each browser applies are different. However,
Normalize.css makes sure that these default styles are consistent across all
Nicolas Gallagher writes in detail about the motivation behind Normalize.css
at .
Clearfix has been a popular way of clearing floats. In HTML5 Boilerplate, this has
been streamlined to use the micro-clearfix solution, a smaller set of selectors to ac-
complish the same goal, tested and verified to work on Opera 9 and higher, Safari 4
and higher, IE6 and higher, Firefox 3.5 and higher, and Chrome.
Nicolas Gallagher, the inventor of the micro-clearfix solution, writes more about
the choices behind the declarations used at
clearfix-hack/ .
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