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Chapter 1. Before We Begin
How deliriously happy do you get when you begin a new project? Me too! The smell
of a fresh new project folder is pretty exciting. Sadly, it soon devolves into a mess of
folders, subfolders, and hastily written markup and before you know it, it is launch day
and you realize with horror you have a page that is missing some essential metadata
(uh those favicons!), some sections are unreadable in some browsers—what? It
needs to look good when printed too?
HTML5 Boilerplate was born out of frustration of starting from scratch and missing out
the important pieces. Having a checklist is not as useful as starting with a project that
already comes with the files that your checklist demands.
HTML5 Boilerplate assembles the best tools for you to get started with your next web
development project.
Features of HTML5 Boilerplate
Before we dive deep into the internals of HTML5 Boilerplate, let us look at some of
its features that would help you in your next project. HTML5 Boilerplate is available
for download from and is licensed under MIT license for
use in any free or commercial product. The source code is available on Github's URL,
which is .
Cross-browser compatibility
HTML5 Boilerplate comes with a set of files that make it easy to do cross-browser de-
The single most significant cause of cross-browser compatibilities is the use of incor-
rect doctype declarations. By using the HTML5 doctype declaration, you are assured
that your browsers will render your site in a standard mode.
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