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content="IE=EmulateIE7" >
HTTP header response from the server
In Apache, in the .htaccess file, writing the following would make the server send
the X-UA-Compatible HTTP header as a response to any request on that parent
LoadModule headers_module modules/
Header set X-UA-Compatible "IE=EmulateIE7"
We recommend this method of setting its value because HTTP header values over-
ride any value set via the meta tag. Moreover, using the meta tag with IE conditional
comments on the html element causes this meta tag to be ignored. The X-UA-
Compatible header can have the following values.
This would use the latest mode of rendering available. For example, within Internet
Explorer 10, it would be IE10. We would want to always use the latest rendering
mode available, as this means we have access to the latest and most standards-
compliant version of the browser. This is why it is our default option in HTML5 Boil-
This would use only IE9 mode to render the page. For example, when you use this
mode and this page is viewed in Internet Explorer 10, it would use the IE9 mode to
render the page.
This would render the page as though it is being viewed on Internet Explorer 8.
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