HTML and CSS Reference
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you prefer these elements to break over two pages or stay within the same page.
The code for this is shown in the following code snippet:
blockquote {
border: 1px solid #999;
page-break-inside: avoid;
Do note that page-break-inside is not supported in Firefox, but is available in all
other browsers.
Rendering tables better
By default, putting headings within the thead tag would ensure that the headings
get repeated every time a table breaks across two pages. However, only Firefox and
Opera have support for this at the moment. In IE, you can do this but you would have
to explicitly state it, as stated in the following code snippet:
thead {
display: table-header-group; /* */
Rendering images better
Ideally, we want to prevent table rows and images from breaking across pages, so
we use the now familiar page-break-inside property to tell the browser of our
preference, as shown in the following code snippet:
img {
page-break-inside: avoid;
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