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h5bp server
You will see the server being started for both the publish folder and the interme-
diate folder, as shown in the following screenshot:
Then, open http://localhost:3001 to view the published site.
Using this command, you can see your page reload on browsers it is open in as soon
as you have made changes to any asset within the project. This saves you from re-
freshing the page manually to see the change. To do this, just navigate to your pro-
ject folder in the command-line tool and enter the following command:
h5bp connect
Using with Drupal or WordPress
It is fairly trivial to initialize an HTML5 Boilerplate project with Node build script and
then convert it into a template you are building for Drupal or WordPress. First, make
sure you choose the Custom option when executing h5bp init . Then, when set-
ting the folders, set inc as the folder where your stylesheet will be, and images
as the name of the folder that would contain your template images. When you are
prompted again, enter in the same values and the project framework will be gener-
ated for you. Make sure you replace index.html with your template files.
Once you have done this, open the grunt.js file in your project folder and confirm
that the stylesheet's folder is set to the parent folder by using the following code:
css: {
'style.css': ['*.css']
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