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Using the Node build script
The Node build script is different from the Ant build script in the following two ways:
• It installs universally and does not need to be copied from one project to
the other.
• All projects should be initialized with the Node build script. It is significantly
more troublesome to add it on to a project that is already underway.
The Node build script requires Node, so verify you have Node installed by entering
the following command:
node -v
If you do not have Node already, you can install it from (or by using
package manager from
manager .
Grunt ( ) is a Node-based command-line build tool on which this Node
build script is based. The Node build script provides HTML5 Boilerplate optimized
tasks that plug into Grunt.
This requires using a package.json file along with a grunt.js file within your pro-
ject folder, which can be set up when you initialize your project.
Installing Node build script
In your command-line tool, first install the Node build script package, by entering the
following command:
npm install
node-build-script/tarball/master -g
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