HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Uncomment the previous line and then alter the number 7 to the number of charac-
ters you prefer, using the following syntax:
hash.length = <number of characters you prefer>
Using with Drupal or WordPress
Minor changes need to be made to make sure that these Ant build scripts work as
intended for Drupal. Do note that there is not much help in minifying the HTML pages
as a significant portion of the markup will be generated by Drupal or WordPress.
Updating build.xml
There is a minor change you need to make to build.xml to make it work with the
file structure of Drupal or WordPress.
Look for <echo message="Minifying any unconcatenatedcss
files..."/> within the file. Just after that line of code, change the following:
excludes="${concat-files}" includes="**/*.css"/>
To the following:
excludes="${concat-files}, ${}/
**/*.css, ${dir.intermediate}/**/*.css,
${dir.publish}/**/*.css" includes="**/*.css"/>
Setting up the project configuration properties
In the file within the config folder of the build folder, add
the following code:
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