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Preventing image optimization
When executing the build script, you will notice that the script takes the longest
time to optimize images. If you are executing the build script to merely test the final
production-ready files, then you would not have to optimize images. In this case, you
should execute the following command:
ant text
Using CSSLint
CSS Lint ( ) is an open source CSS code-quality tool that performs a
static analysis of your code and flags style rules that are invalid or may be the cause
of problems. To use CSS Lint on your project's CSS files, just enter the following:
ant csslint
Typically, you will observe a bunch of warnings. CSS Lint has a lot of options you
can set. To do this, open the file within the config folder in
build. Uncomment this line by removing the # , by using the following command:
#tool.csslint.opts =
Enter all the options you want to use with CSS Lint after the = sign and save. The
various options that you can use are mentioned at
csslint/tree/master/src/rules .
Using JSHint
JSHint ( ) is a community-driven tool to detect errors and potential prob-
lems with your JavaScript code and enforce your team's coding conventions. To ex-
ecute JSHint on your JavaScript files, go to your project and execute the following:
ant jshint
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