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The PATH is an environmental variable that holds a list of folders that your
command-line interface searches through when you enter a command. You can
learn about how to add folders to the path from
cs348/unix_path.html .
If you are on Windows, the Ant build script project contains the required binaries for
these image tools for you to install.
Installing the build script
In Terminal (or your command-line tool), we will navigate to our project folder and
install the build script using Git, as shown in the following screenshot:
We now have to rename the build script folder from ant-build-script to build
before we continue. This is done by using the following command:
mv ant-build-script build
Once that is done, let us navigate to the build script folder by using the following
cd build
Now, we shall execute the build script! Go to your command-line tool and enter the
ant build
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