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Using the Ant build script
First, confirm you have Ant installed on your system by entering the following in your
command-line tool:
If you do not have Ant, install it first before proceeding to the next step.
Ant is installed by default on Macs, while it is available as a package to install
on most Linux platforms. For Windows, installing Ant is slightly more complicated.
You need to install the Java SDK from
downloads/index.html and then download
ant/ and point the installer to Program Files/Java/jre6/bin/ .
Next, you need to install ant-contrib , a utility that makes a lot of functionality avail-
able for Ant that HTML5 build script uses. WinAnt does this automatically, when you
use it to install Ant on Windows. However, for Linux users, you can use yum to install
it as a package. On Mac, you can install MacPorts ( )
and then enter the following in your command-line tool (typically Terminal):
sudo port install ant-contrib
Finally, ensure that the image optimization tools are installed. For Mac users, you
need to make sure you have jpegt ran ( ) and optipng ( op- ) installed and on your path. You can install these two
files by entering the following in your command-line terminal:
sudoport install jpeg optipng
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