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Handling users without JavaScript
HTML5 Boilerplate provides a class called no-js that gets replaced with a class
called js , when JavaScript is detected by Modernizr on the html tag. Using this class
name, you can craft the style for how the website should look when JavaScript is dis-
In our Sun and Sand Festival website, when JavaScript is not enabled, clicking on the
Day 2 link produces nothing.
You can view how the site works when JavaScript is disabled on various browsers, in
the following ways:
Firefox : Go to Preferences , click on Content , and then uncheck the En-
ableJavaScript checkbox.
Chrome : Download the Chrome Web Developer extension and disable
JavaScript from within the extension.
Safari : Click the Disable JavaScript menu item on the Develop menu.
You can see the Develop menu when you check the Show Develop tool-
bar on the Advanced tab in the Safari Preferences pane.
Internet Explorer : Click the Internet Options in the Settings menu, and
click Custom Level and check the Disable in the Active scripting menu.
Opera : Click Quick Preferences and unselect the Enable JavaScript op-
Let us make sure that the tabs do not render when JavaScript is not available, and
make sure the whole listing is displayed at the same time, as shown in the following
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