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If you have existing rewrite rules, perform the following steps to make sure you set
up your rewrite rules correctly. Not doing so can cause incorrect redirects and 404
• Keep a backup: Back up the .htaccess file you are going to add redir-
ects to, before you start adding them. This way you can quickly go back
to the backup file if you are unable to access your site because of an er-
ror in the . htaccess file.
• Do not append or replace existing rewrite rules: Instead of appending or
replacing existing rules from CMSes you are using, merge them within.
• Watch the order of rewrite rules: Make sure you add the slash first and
then your existing rules, which might rewrite the end paths.
• Confirm the RewriteBase path: If your website is in a subfolder, ensure
you have set the right RewriteBase path for your rewrite rules. If you
have a working RewriteBase path, do not remove it.
Finally, consider implementing guidelines from Google's SEO Starter
Guide at
googles-seo-starter-guide.html .
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