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ponding Less or Sass files, you can either use GUI-based browser refreshing soft-
ware that compiles these files automatically like LiveReload ( )
or Codekit ( ).
If you are someone familiar with the command line, you can install Less or Sass and
run their respective command-line interpreters to compile the files into pure CSS.
If you wish to use a pure Sass or Less file to start with (instead of the contents of the
main.css file), there are also forks of HTML5 Boilerplate that have the stylesheet
converted to Sass. We will see two of them in the following sections.
HTML5 Boilerplate Compass extension
There is a Compass extension that is available for use with Compass at git- . Note that it is not as fre-
quently updated as the main.css file you find in HTML5 Boilerplate. This is ex-
tensively modularized and splits the main.css file into multiple Sass files. The CSS
comments are also removed from the resulting CSS file.
HTML5 Boilerplate Sass fork
There is a Sass fork of the main.css that is frequently updated at
grayghostvisuals/html5-boilerplate/tree/h5bp-scss that you can
use, if all you want is a base Sass file to start from. This version uses Sass variables
but does not split the file into individual files.
Unfortunately, there is no up-to-date Less fork of HTML5 Boilerplate. However, you
can rename the main.css to main.less and then use it as a Less file.
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