HTML and CSS Reference
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The configuration files for these servers are available at
server-configs .
HTML5 Boilerplate's web.config file is used to configure options for your site run-
ning on an IIS7 server or higher.
As with the .htaccess file, merely having it in the root folder of your website allows
it to be recognized and used to configure an IIS7 server.
As with the other configuration files, place it in the root folder for the Lighttpd server
to configure the server.
Nginx is a lightweight server popular with websites using the Ruby on Rails frame-
As with the .htaccess file, place this file in the root folder of your website. In ad-
dition, make sure nginx-mime.types is also in the root folder. This file is required
for Ngnix to make sure it sends each file with the right MIME type.
With the node.js configuration file, the usage is different. The configuration file
assumes you are using the Express/Connect framework for managing resource re-
quests for your app. In your server-side app code, you can use the following to start
the server:
var h5bp = require('h5bp');
var app = express.createServer();
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