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Most of the advantages that HTML5 Boilerplate's .htaccess file provides are not
immediately obvious. If your site receives low traffic and does not make too many
network requests, you may not notice any significant difference using HTML5 Boiler-
plate's .htaccess file. However, when you do have spikes of high activity (not un-
common!) or suddenly have a lot of network requests for images and videos that your
site requires, HTML5 Boilerplate's .htaccess comes to your rescue automatically.
All of these features are available to you as soon as you either put a .htaccess file
in the project folder or if you set up Apache's main configuration file as indicated earli-
Removing ETags
Entity Tags ( ETags ) validate whether components, that is, images, files, and so on,
in a browser's cache match components on the server. Unfortunately, ETags do more
harm than good. Most servers have ETags available by default, which is why HTML5
Boilerplate's server configuration file prevents a server from serving them, as shown
in the following code snippet:
<IfModule mod_headers.c>
Header unset ETag
FileETag None
Steve Souders writes in depth on why ETags fail to solve the problem they were
designed for and why you should remove them, at
blogs/ydn/posts/2007/07/high_performanc_11/ .
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