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There are some things to be noted about the screenshot. As you can see, the page
footer is labeled Page Footer/Last Page Footer . If the JRXML template for the
report contains a <lastPageFooter> element, it will be displayed in the last page
of the report instead of the <pagefooter> element being displayed. It is worth
mentioning that, if your report has only one page and the report template contains
both a <pageFooter> and a <lastPageFooter> element, then the contents of
<lastPageFooter> will be displayed as the footer of the first ´┐Żand the only) page.
The <pageFooter> element will never be displayed in this case.
Moreover, the <columnHeader> and <columnFooter> elements will only be
displayed on the report if it has more than one column. Adding columns to a report
is discussed in detail in Chapter 6.
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