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If we save our ANT build file with the standard name of build.xml , there is no need
to specify the build file name in the command line. The build file, in this example, has
one <target> element named viewDesignXML . Since this target is the default target,
there is no need to specify it in the command line; just typing ant in the command
line will execute the default target and a preview of our report will be displayed.
$ ant
Buildfile: previewReportDesignXML.xml
After executing the viewDesignXML target, we should see a window labeled
JasperDesignViewer displaying our report template preview.
The JasperDesignViewer can be safely terminated by closing the window or by
hitting Ctrl-c in the command-line window.
In this particular case we can see all the text in the preview, since this report
contains only static text. For reports displaying data coming from datasources or
report parameters, the actual text won't be displayed in the report. Instead, report
expressions for obtaining the data are displayed. This is because JasperDesignViewer
does not have access to the actual datasource or report parameters.
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