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JasperReports can be downloaded by clicking on this image. Once you click on the
image, you should see a window similar to the following on your browser:
Clicking on the JasperReports 1.2.2 link at the top left cell should take you to a page
containing a tree displaying current and previous versions of JasperReports.
Each node in the tree contains three download links. It is not always clear what
exactly is downloaded by clicking on these links. For this reason, a brief explanation
for each link is given next.
The first link is to download a JAR file containing a subset of the JasperReports
functionality. Specifically, it contains classes that can be used to display jrprint files,
which are reports in JasperReports' native format. This file is offered as a separate
download as a convenience for developers. It can be used for applications or applets
that do not require full reporting capabilities, but which need to display generated
reports. The file name has a suffix of applet . However, there is nothing preventing us
from using it with standalone applications. This file is approximately 187 KB in size.
The second link is the complete JasperReports class library. It contains all the classes
necessary to compile, fill, and export reports, but does not include any additional
libraries JasperReports depends upon. This is the minimum file we need to add full
reporting capabilities to our Java applications. This file is approximately 1.3 MB in
size. If we choose to download this file, then we need to download JasperReports
dependencies separately. These dependencies are listed in the following table:
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