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Adding Reporting Capabilities
to Java Applications
We can easily add reporting capabilities to Java applications by taking advantage of
the classes included in the JasperReports class library. JasperReports can be easily
embedded into both client and server-side Java applications, simply by adding the
required libraries to our CLASSPATH and calling the appropriate methods in the
JasperReports API.
By the end of this chapter, we will be able to:
Identify the purpose of the several downloads that can be found at the
JasperReports website
Identify required libraries for adding reporting capabilities to Java
Identify optional libraries that can be used to enhance the reporting
capabilities of Java applications
Set up our development and execution environment to successfully add
reporting capabilities to Java applications
Downloading JasperReports
JasperReports can be downloaded from
jasperreports . When visiting the JasperReports download page, you should see an
image similar to the following around the middle of the page:
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