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Although this chapter didn't cover every iReport feature, we are confident that
iReport is intuitive enough after you get comfortable with it. Some of the iReport
features not covered in this chapter include subreport creation, adding crosstabs to a
report, and adding lines, ellipses, and rectangles to a report. However, if additional
help is needed, JasperSoft provides additional documentation for iReport,
and lots of knowledgeable people frequent the iReport forums at .
This chapter taught us how to install and set up iReport, use iReport's report wizard
to quickly generate a report, and graphically design custom reports with iReport.
Moreover, we also learned how to group report data graphically with iReport, to
add multiple columns to a report, and finally to add images and charts to a report
graphically with iReport.
iReport is a very capable tool that can significantly reduce report design time.
However, to use all features of iReport effectively, an iReport user must be familiar
with basic JasperReports concepts like bands, report variables, report fields,
and others.
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