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Adding Charts to a Report
To add a chart to a report, we need to click on the chart tool icon.
We then need to outline the area where the chart will be placed in the report. After
we are done outlining, the following window will pop-up, allowing us to select the
type of chart we want to add to the report:
For this example, we will add a 3-D bar chart to the report. All that needs to be done
is to click on the appropriate chart type, and then click on the OK button. Our chart
will graphically illustrate the number of aircraft registered in each state in the United
States (we will explain how to have the chart display the appropriate data later in
this section). We will place it in the summary section at the end of the report. Since
the chart will illustrate a lot of data, we need to resize the summary section so that
our chart can fit. After resizing the summary section, outlining the area of the report
to be covered by the chart, and selecting the chart type, the summary section of our
report preview now looks like this:
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