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visual design tools that can aid in the development of JRXML files. iReport, the
official JasperReports graphical report designer, is covered in detail in Chapter 10.
JRXML files are compiled into a JasperReports native binary template, either
programmatically by calling the appropriate methods on the JasperReports class
library ( compileReportToFile() ), or by using a custom ANT task (used to compile
multiple XML report design files in a single operation, by specifying the root
directory that contains those files or by selecting them using file patterns) provided
by JasperReports. The resulting compiled template is commonly known as the Jasper
ile , and is typically saved to disk with a .jasper extension. The Jasper file is then
used to generate the final report, by providing it with its required data. This process
is known as illing the report. A JRXML file has to be compiled only once. The
generated Jasper file can be filled as many times as necessary to create and
display reports.
Filled reports can be saved to disk in a JasperReports native format. Reports saved
in this format are known as JasperPrint files. JasperPrint file names have a .jrprint
extension. JasperPrint files can only be viewed with a JasperReports-specific viewer.
JasperPrint files can be exported to other formats so that they can be opened with
commonly available tools like PDF viewers and word processors. Exporting to other
formats is discussed in detail in Chapter 9.
Where to Get Help?
JasperReports has official online forums and a mailing list where questions
can be asked. Both the forums and the mailing list archives can be found at the
JasperReports site at .
The JasperReports website contains tips, tricks, JavaDoc API documentation, and
a quick reference for JRXML elements. We won't repeat this information in this
topic, since it is readily available online. The JasperReports website can be found at .
Commercial support and training is offered by JasperSoft and other third-party
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