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Before saving the database connection properties, it is a good idea to click on the
Test button to make sure we can connect to the database. If we can, we should see a
pop-up window like the following:
After verifying that we can successfully connect to the database, we are ready to
create some database reports.
Creating a Database Report in
Record Time
iReport contains a wizard that allows us to quickly generate database reports �very
useful if the boss asks for a report 15 minutes before quitting time on a Friday!). The
wizard allows us to use one of several predefined templates that are included with
iReport. Included report templates are divided into two groups: templates laid out
in a 'Columnar' manner, and templates laid out in a 'Tabular' manner. Columnar
templates generate reports that are laid out in columns, and tabular templates
generate reports that are laid out like a table.
In this section, we will create a report displaying all aircraft with a horsepower of
1000 HP or more.
To quickly create a database report, we need to select the Report Wizard menu item
from the File menu.
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