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Exporting to Other Formats
Reports can be exported to several formats. Since reports in native JasperReports
format can only be viewed by using the JasperReports API (or by using the
JasperViewer utility included with JasperReports), exporting reports is a very
common requirement since exported reports can be viewed with readily available
software like PDF viewers, word processors, and web browsers. In this chapter,
we will cover how to export our reports to all formats supported by JasperReports,
which include:
Exporting reports to PDF
Exporting reports to RTF
Exporting reports to Excel
Exporting reports to HTML
Exporting reports to XML
Exporting reports to CSV
Exporting reports to Plain Text
Directing HTML reports to a browser
Exporting Overview
Exporting reports is done via a series of classes that implement the net.
sf.jasperreports.engine.JRExporter interface. This interface contains, among
others, the following two methods:
public void setParameter(JRExporterParameter parameter ,
java.lang.Object value)
public void exportReport()
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