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name : This defines the measure name.
class : This indicates the measure class.
calculation : This indicates the calculation to be performed between crosstab
cell values .
This element is used to pass a report variable or parameter containing an instance
of java.util.Map , as a set of parameters for the crosstab. This element contains
no attributes.
This element defines the position, width, and height of the crosstab within its enclosing
<band> . Attributes for this element include all standard <reportElement> attributes.
This element defines a group used to split the data into rows. Attributes for this
element include:
name : This defines the name of the row group.
width : This defines the width of the row group.
headerPosition : This defines the position of the header contents � Top ,
Middle , Bottom , Stretch ).
totalPosition : This defines the position of the entire column � Start , End , None ).
This element defines what to display on an empty crosstab cell. This element
contains no attributes.
Sometimes we would like to display related charts or crosstabs for similar data
grouped differently. For example, in the previous section we generated a crosstab
displaying the total number of aircraft of a particular set of models in the state
of New York. We can display the same set of data for different states by using
subdatasets. The following example illustrates how to do this.
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