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The <graphicElement> sub-element has only two attributes. The first one is called
pen , and is used to control the thickness of the line outlining the graphic element.
Valid values for the pen attribute include 1Point , 2Point , 4Point , Dotted , None ,
and Thin . Each of these gives a different thickness to the line outlining the element.
The other attribute of <graphicElement> is called fill . It controls the pattern to be
used for painting the inside area of the element. Currently, JasperReports supports
only one value for this element, Solid , which fills the inside of the element with
solid color.
Adding Ellipses to a Report
Ellipses are added to a report by using the JRXML <ellipse> element. The
<ellipse> element contains no attributes. Its shape is determined by its
<reportElement> width and height .
The following JRXML template illustrates how to add ellipses to a report:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE jasperReport PUBLIC "-//JasperReports//DTD Report Design//EN"
<jasperReport name="EllipseDemoReport">
<band height="100">
<reportElement x="280" y="0" height="20" width="20"/>
<reportElement x="280" y="20" height="50" width="20"/>
<reportElement x="275" y="60" height="40" width="10"/>
<reportElement x="295" y="60" height="40" width="10"/>
<reportElement x="297" y="25" height="10" width="30"/>
<reportElement x="253" y="25" height="10" width="30"/>
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